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“Jan Carley’s engaging book is filled with actionable advice on how to thrive in a fast-changing world. The “generative” approach she suggests will spur your creativity and curiosity – and help you become the person you want to be.”        Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach, business educator and New York Times-bestselling   author, ranked the number one leadership thinker in the world by Thinkers50


Are you ready to create something greater than you ever thought possible?    Use this book (that comes with a bonus downloadable 70-page workbook!) and discover a simple system to guide you and your organization to find your magical overtone.


A Guide to Personal and Organizational Success

 by Jan Carley, Author of Harmony from the Inside Out

y-jpeg-of-coverFinding your Overtone will lead you through a step-by-step process to open up success and leverage transformative possibilities for your life, team or organization. 

You will learn:

  • How to build an unshakeable foundation for your life or business
  • How to use a generative approach to move from thought to action
  • How to tap into the most important ingredient of success (hint: it’s something you already have!)
  • How to live and work in your sweet spot for remarkable results
  • How to develop strategies to maintain the extraordinary

This could be the most important journey of your life.  

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“This book is a MUST read for every leader, director and coach who wants his/her chorus to have a peak performance, not only on stage but at every rehearsal. I can honestly recommend — Harmony from the Inside Out as a great tool for developing your chorus’ peak performance.” — Britt-Heléne Bonnedahl, Master 700 Director, 2014 International Gold Medalist Champions, Rönninge Show Chorus, Sweden

“These inner coaching principles will change you and your chorus culture (or any team you might work with) forever.” — Sandy Marron, Master 700 Director, Lions Gate Chorus, 2014 International 5th Place Medalists

“Jan is Canada’s Ben Zander (The Art of Possibility). She has taken sound coaching principles, tested them on hundreds of women singers in competitive a cappella choruses and created easily applied principles so that anyone can begin to maximize their potential. Read this book — your life will thank you!” — Carollyne Conlinn, 2009 Canadian Coach of the Year

“Moving from an approach of ‘fixing what’s wrong’ toward ‘building on what’s right’ has transformed my weekly rehearsals and the singers’ attitudes toward themselves and each other. I recommend ‘Harmony From the Inside Out’ for all directors!” — Julie Starr, Master Director, Bay Area Showcase

“The more I see what incredible results Jan’s program produces, the more convinced I am of how important her book is to any ensemble’s success.” — Clay Hine, Director, Atlanta Vocal Project

“There are many valued principles that we are using weekly from ‘Harmony from the Inside Out.’ It has made a huge difference in the communication and musical growth of my personal directing and management of Alaska Sound Celebration.” — Peggy McBride, Director, Alaska Sound Celebration

“(The book) resonated with me so much (especially the part about directors wanting to fix things!) that i decided to walk the chorus through it the rest of the year at the end of each rehearsal.” — Debbie Saucke, Carousel Harmony Chorus

“Jan does a great job of taking the ‘Inner Game of Music’ theory and blending it with other behavioral and psychological theories to come up with a unique perspective on realizing your full potential. Highly Recommended.” — Kevin Keller, Chairman, Barbershop Harmony Society Contest and Judging Committee

“I highly recommend Jan Carley’s Harmony from the Inside Out. An avid and championship level performer as a Barbershop singer, Jan has put together a fascinating approach to achieving your full potential.” — Dr. John J. Scherer, Author, 5 Questions that Change Everything

“Your book made the difference for my chorus this year for contest. In spite of using the Art of Possibility approach by Ben Zander for years, they for the first time were able to take what they are capable of onto the stage, and we improved 40 points to become the second most improved chorus.” — Lisbet P. Kline, Director, Song of the Valley Chorus

“Your inspiring book should be required reading for every chorus member.” — Amanda Kaufmann, Director, Capital Showcase Chorus

“Jan’s book cuts through the usual superficial acceptable wisdom and gets right to the fundamental causes of success and failure. Stop rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic- read this book.” — Tom Metzger, CEO,

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